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Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos

24 Dec 2009 - 24 Dec 2009
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos

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This trip was from Thailand-Laos-Vietnam and we back to Laos again. We passed Vietname-Laos immigration (Laobao Border) about 11AM with starving and we can remember that there is Thai restaurant at the border, we reached that and order a lot as long as exchange Laos money (KIP). Our next trip is Pakse City which located at the south of Laos but we were at the Laobao  border which is at the north east of Laos. We plan to drived pass at the middle of the country via that national park but after we got to the junction at Phin city which there is the street head to the south we ask the prople there again for the route, and they told us that this steet was cutted out by the river and not finished repairing, it effects us to changed the route. We had to drive west to Savannakhet then drive down along the Thai-Laos frontier to Pakse which I think that the distance would be extended about 70-80 km. Immediatelt we reached to Pakse city we find some tourist information about Pakse then dinner at the familiar Indian restaurant name "Nazim" which can found in every tourist province of Laos.

We droved to survey about the hotel in Pakse then we found the hotel name 'Erawan River Side' it's the newest and quite luxurious. then we stayed here this night. That night in this hotel there were the traditional style of Laos wedding and I never missed to see around and captured for the videos and photos.

[26-12-2009] We woke up at early morning and immediately went down for included package breakfast but it's quite normal, not for long time, we went up packing and continue the trip, droved down to 'Si-Phan-Don' about 130km to the pier call 'Nakasang'

At Nakasang pier we have to rent for the private long tail boat to Khon Island which located in meKong river and there are many historical issues about the colonial time between Laos and France.

When we were in the boat we understand clearly about the word Si-Pan-Don (Si-Pan=4,000 , Don=Island). There are a lot of small small island along the way and the boat driver must be professional due to there are many stone under the river and we don't know that it will crash with the boat or not. We took the boat about 20 minutes then we reached to the Khon Island.

As we used to do, we never plan for the hotel before we seen, then we walked along the small street in the island to observe about the hotel or resort. Along the way we met the Buddhist parade, and we can seen that the people in th island living well together in harmony.

About 200 meter from the pier (not formal pier) we found one resort just finished built, made from wood, we we nt inside to ask for the available and stay it just $6 per night with the common terrace at the front of each room. Each room has individual bathroon as well, it's great!

We reached to the Island quite noon until we got the room, after that we walked along the street find some lunch, we got one restaurant name 'Som-Oh' beside the river the food quite tastety especially the fish from the river was so fresh when fried with garlic and pepper. At Som-Oh restaurant there was also the bicycle for rent but we had to check it well for the brake quality, then we got the bicycles.

We ride the bicycle to the farm and see the buffalo farm, it was so nature and I can feels the life after 30 years ago, and whenever we went to there was rivers, we sat there a while then ride back to another side of the island there we can see the Train locomotive of French colonial time, it was like an monument. Actually there was day tour for tourist by the vehicle will take you around the Island with the English-French language guide, but we didn't use that service because we can speak Thai and Thai language can be used well in Laos. We ride bicycles across the French bridge go and back then we ask for information about the travel place in Pakse, the guide said that you cannot miss the Khone Phapheng waterfall which located about 1.30 hours from Nakasang pier, but we cannot go will come back again next time.

We went back to the room and slept for a while then we started riding the bicycle about 2-3 km to Li-Phi waterfall its really big one and a lot of level of falls, we rest there until nearly sunset then we ride back to the room, took shower, sat and relax then went to dinner at the same restaurant "Som-Oh".

Tomorrow we will went back to the land so we told to the resort for the boat and they confirmed that the boat will leaved at 8 AM in the morning.

[27-12-2009] We woke up at the morning and immediately go for breakfast at same restaurant and came back for packing the stuff then leave the Island by boat.

We back to Nakasang pier and droved reach to Pakse city about 11.30PM. We went to shopping stuff at the big fresh market at the center of Pakse, we didn't get things much then we went to the Laos-Thai border at Chongmek Immigration, we passed the Immigration and take about 8 hours to Bangkok.
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos
Erawan River Side Hotel in Pakse it's the newest(2010) and quite luxurious.
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos
MeKong river View from Erawan riverside hotel window.
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos
From the room to River.
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos
Nakasang pier, the pier to Don Kon / Don Det
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos
Along the MeKong river in long tail boat to Don Khon.
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos
Religious parade (Buddhism)
Terrace front of the room at the Resort don Khon
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos
Opposite side of resort across the river view from terrace.
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos
View point from Resort's terrace.
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos
Fresh coconut from Som-Oh restaurant.
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos
Along the bicycle riding observation.
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos
Train locomotive of French colonial time left.
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos
French bridge between Don Det and Don Khon.
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos
Tourist guide center and plan.
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos
Along the bicycle way to Li Phi waterfall.
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos
Li phi waterfall route.
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos
Li phi watefall.
Pakse-Siphandon-Khon Island, Laos
Boat back to Nakasang before we went back to Pakse and Bangkok.
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