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Back-to-Topic-List How to resize IMAGE in UBuntu (EN)
The easiest way to resize the Picture file or Many pictures at the same time is using the "Nautilus Image Converter" and how to imstall and using Nautilus Image Converter please follow the steps below.
1 To install "Nautilus Image Converter" simply go to Terminal by Applications > Accessories > Terminal
How to resize IMAGE in UBuntu (EN)

In to the terminal type as following

sudo apt-get install nautilus-image-converter

then type your password

How to resize IMAGE in UBuntu (EN)
3 Wait few second until the installation finished! then close the terminal window.
How to resize IMAGE in UBuntu (EN)
4 To using the 'Nautillus Image Converter' just simply right click on the Picture file(s) to resize then choose 'Resize Image'
How to resize IMAGE in UBuntu (EN)

There are many option for you to choose

Image Size

 - Select a size : to choose the size in the selection menu.

 - Scale : to resize the image size to how many percent of the original size.

 - Custom size : to fix the size by fix the width and height (this option will not crop the image).


 - Append : to rename the resized image name following with the text in the textfield.

 - Resize in place : to replace the resized image with the original image.

How to resize IMAGE in UBuntu (EN)
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